Stop Snoring Exercise

While it’s true that there really is no way to lift weight for your mouth and throat or your sinus cavities, there are some simple and easy stop snoring exercises that you can do every day that will help with this problem.

  They don’t involve tiny barbells or a special gym mat but are just meant to help with your breathing overall.

  Let’s review some of these stop snoring exercises so that you can give them a try and start sleeping more soundly, or that is, with less sound!

Keep in mind that one of the reasons that many people snore is that they have very poor lung function.  Your lungs actually don’t move on their own; they are surrounded by muscles that squeeze them in and out, forcing the air through your respiratory system.  Some stop snoring exercises are just meant to strengthen these muscles.

  When they are weak and don’t function properly then you can make sounds like wheezing, snorting, gasping, and even choking, all of which we call snoring even though they technically aren’t.  Whatever the term for them, these breathing sounds at night can be very distracting and can definitely keep you from sleeping.

  The stop snoring exercises you want to do in this case include just about any aerobic activity such as running, walking, biking, swimming, hiking, playing tennis or any other sport, and so on.  The important thing to remember is that these types of stop snoring exercises need to be strenuous enough to cause you to breathe harder than normal; this means those muscles are being strengthened.

  You don’t want to overexert yourself of course but you do need to be physically active enough that you’re challenging yourself and are actually exercising those muscles around the lungs.

Relaxation techniques are also great stop snoring exercises.  If your muscles are tense you can choke up during the night or sleep in a position that encourages snoring.  Some relaxing stop snoring exercises might include yoga, simple stretching, or even meditation. 

 These activities are meant to encourage healthy and deep breathing.  When you breathe deeply you’ll also avoid making those snorting, wheezing, choking, or gasping noises as well.  These exercises can also stretch and relax the muscles around your neck and head so that you’re not likely to sleep with your mouth open, which causes snoring. 

Try this:

Sit at the edge of your bed or a chair. Make sure your posture is upright but not too stiff.
Your feet should be flat on the floor, your legs uncrossed.
Take a deep breath and slowly exhale through your nose only. Repeat this twice.
Slowly roll your head to one shoulder, then in front of you, to the other shoulder, to your back, and then complete the circle.

You don’t want to pull any muscles; you’re just stretching your neck a bit. Repeat this twice.
Do your deep breathing again, three more times.
Now slowly roll your shoulders in front of you, up and back, and in a complete circle.
As with your neck, you’re not trying to pull or tear anything, just a slow and steady movement to stretch these muscles.

Do this again twice.

Now concentrate on your breathing. Through your nose, take a deep breath for a count of five, and really pull the air all the way down to your stomach.

You should feel your waistline expand as you do this. Hold this for a count of three, then slowly exhale through your nose, starting with the air in your stomach, while counting to five.

While doing this exercise, you want your inhaling and exhaling to be slow and even, not gulping for air. You should really feel the air going all the waydown to your stomach so that your entire body is getting this much needed oxygen.

Repeat this last breathing exercise two more times, and do this every night before you go to bed.

So try these stop snoring exercises today and they’ll help you sleep tonight!


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