Do You Need a Natural Remedy For Snoring?

Would you believe that you probably already have a natural remedy for snoring at home, tucked away in  one of your cupboards or even in your closet, that you’re not using? It might be surprising to find out that there are many remedies that people use for snoring that are natural and homemade and that work just as well as anything you might get from your doctor. Let’s take a look at a remedy for snoring or two that many people use and see if any of them might work for you.

One natural snoring treatment that many people try is a simple humidifier or vaporizer in the bedroom. When the throat is dry this can cause friction when you breathe through your mouth during sleep. One of the reasons that you’re not so noisy during the day if you breathe through your mouth is that you probably don’t walk around with your mouth open, which causes the throat tissue to dry up.

 A humidifier or vaporizer is also a good remedy for snoring because it keeps the sinuses moist as well so they’re not likely to get stuffed up, allowing you to breathe through your nose the way you should. This means you’ll breathe through your mouth a lot less. You might not have thought of that humidifier that you have in a closet or in the attic as being a natural snoring remedy, but it can help quite a bit especially during the dry winter months.

A good snore pillow can also work as a remedy for snoring. There are snore pillows that are meant to cradle your head and neck while you sleep on your back and some that are meant to nestle your entire body between two pillows as you sleep on your side.

 Many appreciate the snore pillow as a natural snoring remedy because it means not taking anything into the body by way of medicines or chemicals. If you don’t have a snore pillow you can try propping up the head of your bed with some books under the feet.

 This will keep your mouth from falling open while you sleep. This too means no medicines in your system, and chances are you have some old books you can use for the prop! So try a natural snoring remedy as we’ve mentioned here and see if they don’t work for you and your snoring issues.


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