Easy Ways to Stop Snoring

It’s true that for some people, only your doctor or dentist can help you find effective ways to stop snoring.  Sometimes the cause of your snoring is something that cannot be easily fixed on your own and may actually involve medical intervention.

  For instance, sometimes snoring is caused by sleep apnea, a very serious medical condition where the airways of the throat are cut off or restricted because the flesh on the back of the neck collapses on it, pushing it closed.

  This causes some to make snorting or gasping sounds, and the only ways to stop snoring of this type is either by losing weight if someone is obese or by using a medical device that actually forces air into the lungs while you sleep.

For some, snoring is caused by an excessive amount of tissue in the soft palate, which is the back part of the roof of the mouth.  This too blocks the airways when you’re breathing through your mouth and causes one to snore. 

 The best ways to stop snoring in this particular case is to either force oneself to sleep on your side or to have a minor surgery that cuts away some of this excessive flesh.

  These may seem like extreme ways to stop snoring but for those who have these problems, they may be necessary.  Sometimes there is nothing you can do if you have this excessive amount of tissue except have it cut away by a doctor. The procedure is minor and relatively painless.

But if you’re interested in some easier ways to stop snoring that don’t involve a doctor’s visit, you may be in luck.  Many people have found that they can actually reduce or eliminate snoring on their own.
Usually the best ways to stop snoring involve correcting the reason for snoring in the first place.  If your mouth and throat are overly dry, you may want to put a humidifier in your bedroom.

  Also, alcohol can cause your mouth and throat to dry up, so one of the easier ways to stop snoring is to eliminate that last nightcap before bed.  Smoking also causes one’s mouth and throat to be dry in much the same way.  If you can’t quit smoking, consider cutting back as much as possible and not having that last cigarette before bed either.

  Some people may not like to hear that cutting back on their drinking and smoking are good ways to stop snoring, but they work!  And of course there are many other health reasons as to why one should consider a smoking cessation program; it being one of the best ways to stop snoring is just an added benefit on top of so many others.

Other ways to stop snoring might involve purchasing an actual stop snoring product.  Many people report that snoring pillows work quite well, as do those nasal strips that you see advertised.  Snoring pillows keep your head in proper alignment with your spine so that your mouth doesn’t fall open during the night.

  Nasal strips work by pulling your nasal passages open so that you don’t breathe through your mouth.  Some may have dismissed these ways to stop snoring, assuming that they were just useless products, but many people who have finally tried these products have reported good success with them.

These of course are just some of the more basic ways to stop snoring.  If you try all of these methods and find that you are still having a problem with snoring, by all means contact your doctor for other methods that might work in your case.

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