Children and Snoring

It can be difficult to deal with the subject of children and snoring since children are typically so self-conscious that they may not want to even acknowledge that they have a problem.

  But snoring is not just an annoyance , it can be a health problem that can have on occasion have serious repercussions if left unchecked.  So while the problem of children snoring can be embarrassing and difficult, it does need to be addressed.

Usually the causes of  snoring in children are the same as the causes in adults.  We are not meant to breathe through our mouth as it causes the tissue in the throat to dry out.  When the tissue gets dry it vibrates as air passes over it and this is what we call snoring. 

 Obviously this can happen with children; snoring is not something that you just develop as you age like a receding hairline or wisdom teeth.

  One possible reason why many parents are concerned about it is that it doesn’t happen as often with children as it does with adults; this might be because children are more prone to sleep on their side or their stomach rather than their back. 

 Another reason why children snoring are rarer is that being overweight or obese is a common cause of snoring.  This excess tissue collects around the neck and throat and causes that airway to be more constricted so the air passing through it is more likely to vibrate the surrounding tissue.

  More adults than children are overweight so naturally more adults than children have a problem with this cause of snoring.

Sinus problems, asthma, allergies, and conditions such as these can also be a cause of children snoring.  If your child has any of these conditions then it’s no wonder he or she snores, and if you’re not sure if they have these conditions you might want to take them to a pediatrician to get them checked out.

To prevent the problem of children snoring you can purchase a snore pillow for him or her and make sure their room is adequately ventilated and has a humidifier.

  There are also throat sprays one can try that keep the mouth and throat hydrated throughout the night.

  While the problem of children and snoring is probably not a serious one, it should be considered and treated as much as possible so that the child can get a good night’s sleep.


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