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If you would like to know how to stop snoring naturally without having to resort to the use of any medications or invasive surgical treatments then you are not alone.  It is easier on you and your body if you can stop snoring naturally.

When you are considering how to stop snoring naturally, there are a few options open for you to try.  You can try different things that will require varying degrees of commitment from you.  As you try these different natural treatments, you will find one that works for you.

How to Stop Snoring Tip 1: Raise the Head of Your Bed

One of the things that people can do to reduce snoring, is to raise the level of their bed at the head end.  By placing a block or other object under the head of your bed that will raise your head by three or four inches, you can reduce events of snoring.  Another consideration is to lie on your side while sleeping because lying on the back makes some people snore more.

How to Stop Snoring Tip 2: Exercises to Strengthen your Breathing

You can also perform exercises that will strengthen your breathing such as singing or playing a wind instrument.  You can do exercises that are meant to increase your lung capacity and strengthen your entire breathing system.  Doing your breathing exercises outdoors will bring you plenty of fresh air as well.  If you exercise regularly, you can also strengthen your respiratory system as well.  If you breathe through your nose and mimic the deep breathing of sleep for a few minutes each day, this will tone the muscles of your nasal passages for better breathing at night.

How to Stop Snoring Tip 3: Be a Quitter and a Loser!

Both smoking and extra weight contribute to a snoring problem.  If you are having a problem with snoring and you are overweight or you smoke, you can reduce the problem by losing weight and quitting smoking.  If you lose both the weight and the cigarettes, it will also improve your overall health.

How to Stop Snoring Tip 4: Clear your Breathing Passages

If congested nasal or throat passages are contributing to your snoring problem, you can do a steam facial to clear your passages.  A hot towel will also have the same effect.
You can find herbal pills and sprays whose purpose is to clear the nasal passages.  By using herbs instead of synthetic chemicals, you are using a method to stop snoring naturally.

With some determination, you can find a way to stop snoring naturally without the cost of medication or surgery.  You can stop snoring naturally when you find a treatment that is suitable for you.


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