What Can You do About Snoring During Pregnancy?

As if you didn’t already have enough things to worry about with how your body is changing during pregnancy – the weight gain, the swollen ankles, the constant need to use the bathroom, the morning sickness, and everything else – you may now find you need to worry about snoring too when it has never been a problem for you before!

 Many women have found this to be an embarrassing habit that suddenly springs up especially as they reach their last trimester, and wish there was an easy way to cure it.

 Not wanting to take anything orally that may harm the fetus, some women look to easy and natural cures to address the snoring during pregnancy issue. If this sounds like you, what can you do? What are your options?

Why Snoring During Pregnancy Occurs?

For most pregnant women there are two common underlying factors that bring on snoring. One is that during pregnancy, you often have much of your body’s hydration being used for supporting the baby. 

This means you may notice that you have a tendency toward drier skin and hair. If so, it may be that your throat and mouth are overly dry as well and when your throat is dry, the air passing over it during sleep causing the sound we call snoring.

There are a few easy ways to address these cases of snoring during pregnancy. The first is to try a humidifier or vaporizer in your room. This extra moisture in the air can help to moisten the throat and mouth and cut down on cases of snoring.

Marjoram is also a good natural method of addressing snoring as well. This is available in a jar which you simply open and leave next to your bed, and the scent fills the room and helps to keep your sinus passages open. You can also try menthol or eucalyptus oil.

Sleep Positions Affects Snoring and Pregnancy

Very often women who are pregnant find that sleeping on their stomach or side is no longer comfortable, and this can bring about many cases of snoring and pregnancy.

 When you sleep on your back, your mouth has a tendency to fall open and you breathe through your mouth rather than your nose, causing you to snore. In these cases, a good firm snore pillow may do the trick, as it will cradle your neck and keep your mouth closed.

 You may also find that a pillow which helps to cradle you on your side will generally result in you having a more comfortable sleep period.


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