Children and Snoring

It can be difficult to deal with the subject of children and snoring since children are typically so self-conscious that they may not want to even acknowledge that they have a problem.  But snoring is not just an annoyance , it can be a health problem that can have on occasion have serious repercussions if left unchecked.  So while the problem of children snoring can be embarrassing and difficult, it does need to be addressed. Usually the causes of  snoring in children are the same as the causes in adults.  We are not meant to breathe through our mouth as it causes the tissue in the throat to dry out.  When the tissue gets dry it vibrates as air passes over it and this is what we call snoring. 
 Obviously this can happen with children; snoring is not something that you just develop as you age like a receding hairline or wisdom teeth.
  One possible reason why many parents are concerned about it is that it doesn’t happen as often with children as it does with adults; this might be beca…

What Can You do About Snoring During Pregnancy?

As if you didn’t already have enough things to worry about with how your body is changing during pregnancy – the weight gain, the swollen ankles, the constant need to use the bathroom, the morning sickness, and everything else – you may now find you need to worry about snoring too when it has never been a problem for you before! Many women have found this to be an embarrassing habit that suddenly springs up especially as they reach their last trimester, and wish there was an easy way to cure it. Not wanting to take anything orally that may harm the fetus, some women look to easy and natural cures to address the snoring during pregnancy issue. If this sounds like you, what can you do? What are your options?Why Snoring During Pregnancy Occurs?
For most pregnant women there are two common underlying factors that bring on snoring. One is that during pregnancy, you often have much of your body’s hydration being used for supporting the baby. 
This means you may notice that you have a tendenc…

Finding the Right Stop Snoring Devices

There were times when men and women had no option but to put up with each others’ snoring habits but nowadays, with newer and more improved stop snoring devices coming to the market, there is reason to hope that the problem may not be quite as uncontrollable as one would imagine.  People can become quite obsessed with finding a solution to their snoring problems because if left unchecked it can sometimes spell the end of beautiful relationship. In spite of other solutions to end snoring, the snoring dental appliances are probably the best in providing relief from the problem of snoring.
 There are also a number of different such products to choose from though each of these aims to stop your snoring once and for all. A good example of snoring dental appliances is SnorBan.
 This is a mouthpiece which gently pushes the lower jaw forward, holding it in place and thereby causing the windpipe to open. This position allows air to pass without vibrating the tissues found there – it is this vi…

The Effects of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can be a very dangerous medical condition which should not be left untreated. What happens is that sleep apnea effects cause a person to actually stop breathing for a few seconds during the night. The person usually then wakes up just long enough to correct this and goes back to sleep – probably without even realizing what has happened. Usually sleep apnea is caused by the tissue in the throat collapsing on itself, cutting off the airway and causing a restriction in breathing. There is often a connection between snoring and sleep apnea. When a person suffers from constant snoring, sleep apnea may be the culprit if the snoring is the type that sounds like choking, gasping, or wheezing.
 These noises aren’t technically snoring but are signs of that airway being blocked, causing what we refer to as snoring. Sleep apnea causes a person to make these sounds because they are desperately trying to get air through this passage way.
Another one of the reasons that snoring and sleep…

Have You Tried an Anti-Snoring Pillow?

The chances are that a snorer will not be aware of the racket that he or she is making. It can certainly spoil a good night’s sleep for others sleeping in the same room, and the snorer themselves will not be getting good quality sleep either. An anti-snoring pillow may provide the solution that so that both the snorer and anyone else sleeping in the room gets a much needed restful sleep at night. In fact, today there are snoring pillows that do more than just prevent a person from snoring; they can even record your snoring sounds so that these sounds can be played back for you later on! When considering pillows for snoring, you need to choose ones that are of the right size so that the neck is comfortable and which will provide the support that will prevent your airways from collapsing, which is one of the most common causes of snoring.
Most snore pillows are made of dense types of foam that give support to the head and neck and don’t allow them to collapse under the body. One well kn…

Easy Ways to Stop Snoring

It’s true that for some people, only your doctor or dentist can help you find effective ways to stop snoring.  Sometimes the cause of your snoring is something that cannot be easily fixed on your own and may actually involve medical intervention.  For instance, sometimes snoring is caused by sleep apnea, a very serious medical condition where the airways of the throat are cut off or restricted because the flesh on the back of the neck collapses on it, pushing it closed.  This causes some to make snorting or gasping sounds, and the only ways to stop snoring of this type is either by losing weight if someone is obese or by using a medical device that actually forces air into the lungs while you sleep. For some, snoring is caused by an excessive amount of tissue in the soft palate, which is the back part of the roof of the mouth.  This too blocks the airways when you’re breathing through your mouth and causes one to snore. 
 The best ways to stop snoring in this particular case is to eit…

Stop Snoring Exercise

While it’s true that there really is no way to lift weight for your mouth and throat or your sinus cavities, there are some simple and easy stop snoring exercises that you can do every day that will help with this problem.  They don’t involve tiny barbells or a special gym mat but are just meant to help with your breathing overall.  Let’s review some of these stop snoring exercises so that you can give them a try and start sleeping more soundly, or that is, with less sound! Keep in mind that one of the reasons that many people snore is that they have very poor lung function.  Your lungs actually don’t move on their own; they are surrounded by muscles that squeeze them in and out, forcing the air through your respiratory system.  Some stop snoring exercises are just meant to strengthen these muscles.
  When they are weak and don’t function properly then you can make sounds like wheezing, snorting, gasping, and even choking, all of which we call snoring even though they technically aren…